First Flotilla? Here's your top 10 things to pack!

First Flotilla? Here's your top 10 things to pack!

Getting ready to jump on board but not sure where to start?

So, it’s nearly time for your first flotilla holiday in Greece! And you’re not quite sure what to bring in the buzz of excitement leading up to your holiday, but have no fear! We have a list of useful items as well as fun extras that perhaps you would never have thought of…

1. Sea shoesSea Shoe

They may not be the most stylish holiday accessory, but they are the most useful! You can wear them in the water when walking on rocks and stones, you can wear them on the boat and (most brands) won’t scuff the gel-coat, and you can wear them on land – although by this stage you may want to change into more evening-appropriate footwear!

2. Spare towel or sarong

We provide one towel per person on your boat, so we recommend bringing your own shower towel. Some would use our towel as a shower towel and then bring a beach towel, but here’s a tip! All our towels are branded and look the same making it almost impossible to tell which one is yours, and this doesn’t matter so much when you’re just looking for something to dry the salt water off!

3. Sunscreen and mosquito repellent

It’s pretty obvious, but important! A good tip is to apply your sunscreen early before you head out into the sun and sea so it is properly absorbed. Some people may not think of Greece as being a particularly insect-prone destination, however a spray of repellent in the evenings will definitely not go astray (we do also provide mosquito nets on the boats).


4. Waterproof jacket

Throughout most of our season Greece is sunny, warm and incredibly pleasant, but never assume that it’ll be this way always! The odd rainy day is not uncommon, particularly at the beginning and end of the season, so a waterproof jacket (expertly modelled by Barrie whilst on an early season delivery trip!) could be a welcome addition to your holiday wardrobe!

5. 12 volt charger

Our boats are all fitted with 12volt sockets, similar to the cigarette lighters that you used to get in cars, therefore we recommend bringing the necessary equipment in order to charge your devices. If you don’t have one of these to hand and don’t fancy purchasing one, have no fear! Most of the tavernas will be perfectly happy for you to charge your items while you are having your meal, just remember to take them back to the boat with you! You'll need to pack a two pin adaptor plug if you're looking to charge your electrical devices on shore.

6. Washing bag for dirty clothes

Probably one of the most useful items that you may never think of – something to separate your clean and dirty clothes. There’s nothing fun about mixing it all in your holiday bag, especially on a boat where you won't have a laundry basket. Bring a drawstring laundry bag and keep everything neat and tidy, it will make a world of difference for your boating experience!


7. Snorkelling gear/fishing gear

Limited places throughout the areas we operate in sell snorkels and fishing rods, so if you are keen for either of these activities we recommend bringing your own from home. There are some beautiful areas to snorkel in, such as the North Ionian near Sivota Mourtos, Two Rock Bay just south of Parga and Emerald Bay on Antipaxos Island. A great area for fishing in the North Ionian is Sivota Mourtos. For deep sea fishing try in between Paxos and Parga, and Ay. Euphemia and Fiskardo in the South Ionian.

8. Deck of cards

A very small thing to pack that will bring you a large amount of entertainment. But here’s a tip, don’t bring them out when it’s too windy! These pocket-sized items are something people don’t often think about bringing along, but when you’ve got them you can’t imagine what the holiday would be like without them - so many different games to be played!


9. Hammock

Not many would think of this, but a hammock tied up between the mast and genoa (once moored up!) can be a very fun and useful addition to boat life! Especially if you are travelling in the peak summer period – you may want to spend the odd night on deck when it gets very hot.

10. Inflatable toys and water guns

They do take up extra space when packing, but you will not regret bringing them along for the children (or big kids)! Inflatable water toys can be great fun, especially when you are free swinging in a bay - swimming and playing around the boat has never been better. Water guns are also a good addition, they will keep the kids entertained for hours!


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