Before you go on your holiday your charter company will need your crew’s passport information from you. This information is required for the preparation of your boat papers which must be authorised by the port authorities before your chartered yacht can leave port.

Please login online via our website and upload all your crew's information.

Sailing Holidays homepage > log-in >

  • First time logging in > Launch Account
  • Log in using your email address (create password)
  • Tab 'My Holiday' > Tab 'Crew Details' > API details


To charter a yacht, at least one member of your crew must have a minimum sailing qualification of a Day Skipper Practical / ICC certificate. If sailing in Croatia, you will also need a VHF/SRC licence. Advanced copies must be passed on to your charter company. You will also be required to bring your original certificates with you when checking in at the yacht base.

Please send copies of your certificates to


Your charter company like to know when to expect you, please confirm your base ETA as soon as you have made your travel arrangements. Check in is officially at 17:00. Your yacht might be ready sooner and it may be possible to check-in earlier, but this cannot be confirmed until the day of your charter. Some charter companies offer early check-in for a fee, please get in touch to find out cost and availability.


What type of suitcase should I bring?

It is best to bring a soft bag or holdall, one that can be folded down and stored easily on board.

Is there anything I should avoid bringing?

As many of you will know, space can be a little limited on board a yacht, so it is vital to not over pack. We would recommend leaving anything of high value at home. High heels are one of the biggest no no's on board a boat! Not only do they mark the deck, but they also make getting on and off the boat rather difficult.

What will I need when I first arrive?

To check-in you will need your passport and sailing certificates. Make sure that these are easily accessible when you arrive at the marina.


Plan ahead - arrange some money before you go to get through the first few days at least. Order in denominations of €50 or less as small shops may not be able to give change for larger notes.

Take cash - small restaurants in more remote areas often require cash, as will many small shops. Some do now accept credit cards, debit cards and pre-paid travel cards (but you should not rely on this).

Getting more - ATMs (hole in the wall) are available at most marinas but will not be available at many of the more remote islands and villages, so check with your charter company before you leave port.


If you have any queries and would like to speak to a member of our Yacht Charter team, the number to call is 020 8438 1133 or send an email to

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