Check in is officially at 17:00. Your yacht might be ready beforehand, and it may be possible to check-in earlier, however this cannot be confirmed until on the day. If you go to the marina before 17:00, the charter company will try and have the boat ready earlier if possible.

Check out is 9am on the final morning of your holiday, but please note that in most cases the yacht will have to be back in the marina by 6pm (at the latest) the night before.


Sailing Holidays Ltd works with established partners that provide support networks to assist with any problems that you may encounter on a yacht charter. If you do have a problem with your yacht, please report it immediately to your charter base manager who will advise the best course of action. Many problems encountered are resolved quickly and with minimal disruption to your holiday by simply contacting the base team.

Local support teams

Charter companies have support networks in place to help you during the charter with minimal disruption. Please remember that the charter company are 'on the ground' in whatever country you are sailing in, we therefore advise you contact them with any problems as they will be able to resolve them much quicker than us.

If you are unable to contact your base manager, Sailing Holidays operates a UK based out-of-hours service on +44 7523 648 990.

Reporting Issues

It is important to obtain written confirmation from your base manager, ensuring any issues are logged upon check-out. Please get a copy of the official handover document or make your own list. This will strengthen your position if you feel there is a need to make a claim.

If you wish to make a complaint at the end of your charter please notify the London office. Both Sailing Holidays and your charter company are here for you but we can only assist if we know there is a problem. 

Take Photos

Photos are a great idea in order to avoid ambiguity and create a tangible record of the issues you encountered. Where there have been disagreements, photos have often proved invaluable. 

Damage to the Yacht

If damage is caused to the yacht by yourself or by another vessel it is vital that you inform the Base Manager in the first instance.

Please treat any damage or collisions with the boat as you would a car accident - make sure you get all the details you can from all parties and any witnesses.


Alcohol and yachts just don't mix. The rules of the ocean are the same as the rules of the road. The use and misuse of alcohol is entirely incompatible with the safe operation of any boat at sea or in harbour. 

Please do be aware that any damage caused while under the influence may result in liability higher than your security deposit.


Mooring fees can surprise people if they're not expecting them. Expect mooring fees in most places in Greece except for bay stops. Prices vary depending on the type of harbour or marina you're visiting and size of your yacht. But generally it won't be as expensive as our other yacht charter sailing areas.

In Italy on the Amalfi Coast fees can reach €200 per night! You can expect fees in Turkey between €10-15 per night, and in Croatia they range from €30-150 per night. Lastly in Spain the fees can be up to €100 a night.


In certain places, if you want to sail through the national parks, there are fees. In Sardinia in Italy in order to see the stunning Maddalena Islands with its pink beaches you have to pay. In Croatia, you have to pay to sail through the Kornati National Park and in Spain, the Cabrera National Park also has fees.

For information on the costs of the fees in each area please ask your charter company upon check-in.


If you have any queries and would like to speak to a member of our Yacht Charter team, the number to call is 020 8438 1133 or send an email to YachtCharter@sailingholidays.com

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