Aerial view of Datcha
Palmarina Bodrum
Marvellous Marmaris Marina from above

Two Weeks Sailing the Carian Coast from Marmaris

Bodrum two week map

Tranquil days in turquoise Bays

If you are looking for sunny skies, turquoise waters and tranquil bays then the southern coast of Turkey is definitely for you. Home to traditional Turkish villages, uninhabited islands and striking coves, this is a very popular area for those who like to combine splendid sailing with captivating culture. You will find numerous exciting places to explore as you sail from our base in Marmaris, passing astonishing ruins and stopping in sheltered anchorages. 

The Carian Coast from Marmaris, is very rich in history. Ancient ruins take centre stage at several ports. The sailing area here is great for crews who like to combine amazing culture with natural beauty... and of course a great sail.

Beautiful bays..

There are hundreds of small islands and inlets that offer lovely anchorages with stunning views. The water is crystal clear and the beaches are covered in white sand. If you need to shake off those sea legs, these places are ideal for a snorkelling trip or a peaceful walking trail! Many of the stops here have gorgeous walks and hiking trails that will lead you through ancient ruins and to hill tops with incredible views of this striking coast.

What's the weather like?

You will find that Turkey is warm and sunny for a much longer period than a lot of our other destinations. A great sailing ground for early or late in the season (with average temperatures well over 25°C even in May and October). The prevailing wind along the Carian coast blows from North-North West, with an average of force 4 in the summer. In early and late season this shifts direction slightly to the west.

Typical Itinerary & Highlights

Days 1 - 2, Arriving in Marmaris

After arriving in Marmaris and checking into your yacht, you are free to enjoy an evening exploring all that Marmaris town has to offer. In the marina itself there are a large variety of bars, cafes, restaurants and shops to choose from. This is an ideal starting point to stock up on provisions before setting sail!

  • Marmaris Bay Turkey Marmaris

Days 3 - 5, Exploring the Carian Coast

Popular stops along the Carian Coast include pristine anchorages to enjoy with great local restaurants along the way.

A likely first stop would be Çiftlik Bay. A large bay on the north of Çiftlik Adası (island) the slopes are covered by beautiful pine and olive trees. There are a few jetties that you can tie up to and be within cork popping distance from a handful of restaurants. The setting in Çiftlik Bay is very impressive with a good atmosphere.

Another option to choose from would be Serçe Port (Limanı). Serçe Limanı is an attractive anchorage, the water is crystal clear and the surrounding slopes are covered with olive trees. This is a perfect place to drop the hook for the evening, you can even longline to the shore if preferred!

Bozburun is another fantastic place to stop. It is famous for boat building, as you head into the bay you will pass the impressive boat yards - there are hundreds of Gulets to be seen! On Tuesdays there is a street market, great sights and sounds to experience. There are numerous restaurants lining the harbour providing good food and excellent service. It is a bustling little town with magnificient sunsets to enjoy. This is also a great place for restocking your provisions and there is power and water available in the harbour.

  • Yacht in bay Serce Limani

Days 6 - 8, Exploring the gulf of Hisarönü

Dirsek Bükü is one of the most enchanting places in the Hisarönü gulf with clear water and great shelter. The prevailing wind has a welcome cooling effect in summer and is fantastic for sailing. There is a cosy restaurant with a quay that provides good food and service. An absolute must-see in our books!

Orhaniye bay's shores are densely wooded by pine trees making for an incredibly sheltered port. In the middle part, is an island with a castle on it, this island is called Kale Adası. There are a range of mooring options here including a pontoon with water and electricity, freeswinging in the bay or long lining to the shore. There is a restaurant in the bay if you would like to step off the boat for the evening. 

Another bay worth visiting is Selimiye Koyu, a large bay in the gulf. There are number of places to anchor, but the floating pier by village is the preferred mooring choice. It is a pretty village in attractive surroundings, all kinds fruit and vegetables including delicious almonds can be found. The locals are sincere, hospitable and friendly. When you stroll around the authentic village lifestyle is evident.

  • Aerial shot Turkey Selimiye
  • Orhaniye, Turkey Orhaniye
  • Dirsek Bay, Turkey Dirsek Bay

Days 9 - 12, Coastal cruising

A likely next port of call is Datça. This town lies on the west of Uzunca Ada Light. All provisions can be obtained in Datça it is particularly well known for fish, almonds and honey. There are nice restaurants and bars around the port, providing excellent hospitality and don't forget that the local market is on Saturdays! The area around Datça bay is a hot spot for snorkelling and scuba diving. 

Another popular stop is Söğüt Port.  are provided by two piers of restaurants and a slipway. The longer wooden pier has berthing capacity up to 22 boats, an attendant helps you to tie up. Water and electricity are available. Octopus restaurant provides excellent food and service and the settings are impressive at night.

You could also pay a visit to Bozukkale. Bozukkale is a large bay, lying between points; Kale Burnu and Değirmen Burnu which indents to the north. The walls of the ancient city of Loryma surround the port. The castle walls are well camoflauged as they blend into the rocky cape. The castle’s position is almost directly opposite the ancient Greek city of Rhodes, which supports the theory that it was built by Rhodian craftsmen trying to deny harbour to enemy fleets. This also makes for a great walk once safely moored up, the view of the sunset from the top of the wall is not to be missed.

  • Turkish Coast Sogut
  • Datca Bay, Turkey Datca

Days 13 - 15, Heading back to base

Kumlubük is a great choice for your penultimate night as it's not far from Marmaris so returning to base is easy! Kumlubük is a moon shaped large bay on the south of Asarcık point, the bay is surrounded by thickly wooded mountains. There are several restaurants with piers, water, electricity and wireless connections are available. This is also a great place for an afternoon dip in the gin clear waters.

Now it's time to head back to your base, Marmaris. There are several shops in town giving you the perfect opportunity to pick up a few souveniers for family and friends at home. You have a number of restaurants to choose from for your final meal with plenty of bars for a nightcap before heading back to reality.

  • Marmaris Bay Turkey Marmaris
  • Kumlubuku Bay Turkey Kumlubuku


What's Included

    • Return flights
    • Transfers
    • Diesel
    • Linen & Towels
    • Dinghy
    • Harbour Guide
    • Starter Pack
    • Full Financial Protection

What's not Included

- Yacht Security Waiver (£80-£270)
- Mooring Fees (£40-£120)
- Food & Drink
- Personal Holiday Insurance
- Child Discount -£65 for one week 
- Child Discount -£115 for two weeks
- Infants travel for just £50

One & Two Week Optional Extras - South Ionian Highlights, Paxos, Whole and South Ionian Flotillas

  • Manchester Flights £25
  • Brimingham Flights £25
  • Stansted Flights £25
  • SUP (paddleboard):
  • One Week £95
  • - Two Weeks £155
  • Dinghy Outboard:
  • - One Week £70
  • - Two Weeks £95
  • Cruising Chute



One & Two Week Optional Extras - Corfu, Paxos & North Ionian

  • Manchester Flights £25
  • Birmingham Flights £25
  • SUP (paddleboard):
  • One Week £95
  • - Two Weeks £155
  • Dinghy Outboard:
  • - One Week £70
  • - Two Weeks £95
  • Cruising Chute


Two Week Optional Extras - Saronic Islands & Sporades Flotillas

  • SUP (paddleboard) £155
  • Dinghy Outboard £95
  • Cruising Chute

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Below is an indication of the yachts that will sail on this flotilla. Please call us on 020 8459 8787 to check live availability.

Our Shore to Sail holidays are a combination of a one or two week flotilla sailing holiday with another relaxing week or two ashore.

These holidays will appeal to those who enjoy sailing but have family or friends who are not quite so enthusiastic about sailing - a compromise can now be made!

Most people opt for a week of sailing followed by a week of winding down on shore. However it is entirely up to you to do what you want to do (and when!)

Iris Hotel and Apartments

The Iris Hotel has been a popular choice for flotilla sailors for many years. This accommodation option will fit in with any of our flotillas starting and finishing on Lefkas Island. The hotel itself is a small family run hotel located close to Nidri Town. It has a combination of studio rooms for two or three people and apartments that can sleep up to 4.

Salvator Spa Hotel & Villas

The Salvator Spa Hotel is perched in the hills above Parga town and is a slightly more luxurious offering. The rooms on offer range from the Deluxe Room for two people, up to the Superior 2 Room Villa for up to 6 people. The hotel itself has an excellent restaurant, pool and spa facilities and all villas come with their own private pool.


Villa MeandrosDJI 0202 copy

Our brand new villa in Sivota on Lefkas is exclusive to Sailing Holidays Ltd. Built with families and groups in mind, the 3 double bedrooms all feature en-suite bathrooms. Built into the hill the ground floor level comprises of the master bedroom, a large kitchen and living space. On the same level you will find a huge outdoor seating area and a private pool. 

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  • Marmaris

  • Serce Limani

  • Selimiye

  • Orhaniye

  • Dirsek Bay

  • Sogut

  • Datca

  • Marmaris

  • Kumlubuku


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