The Canary Islands

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Yacht Charter in the Canary Islands

Constant sunshine, clear blue waters and captivating landscapes; that is what you will find in the archipelago of the Canary Islands. Benefitting from the trade winds which breeze up from Africa and the warm waters of the Canary current; it is no wonder the Canary Islands boast a rich maritime history; from Columbus to Churchill. It is also the perfect place for a spot of island hopping! During a week or twos sailing, you can experience buzzing nightlife, secluded beaches and everything in between.

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Year round sailing holidays

The islands themselves offer dramatic scenery, from volcanic rock to long white sandy beaches, all to be enjoyed in the Canary’s subtropical climate which lasts all year round. You can expect temperatures as high as 26 degrees are early as February and as late as November allowing you to extend the usual Mediterranean sailing season.

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Wonderful Wildlife & Sensational Seafood

The sea itself is teeming with wildlife, so make sure to look out for dolphins! Much of the Canary lifestyle is based on the fishing industry so you will never be far from sampling some of the freshest fish.

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A big thank you to Matt & Jess for letting us use some of their lovely pictures from their terrific sailing blog! Check out their adventures here...

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