Flotilla Sailing Holidays in the Greek Islands

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Flotilla Sailing Holidays in Greece

Our range of flotilla sailing holidays that concentrate on the enjoyable aspects of sailing in the sunny Greek islands. They allow those with little experience to have a go, whilst offering experienced sailors the opportunity to simply relax, whilst introducing family and friends to their hobby.

Where is the best place to sail?

Whichever area you choose, there are swim stops en route nearly every day and you will soon feel like you have been there forever.  Each island and town has its ownunique and colourful character. Islands vary from spectacular rocky cliffs and caves, to rolling hills covered in olive groves. Everywhere you visit has sheltered bays, welcoming village harbours, and great food.

The Ionian, Saronic and Sporades Islands

Our Ionian Island flotillas are the perfect place to start if you are complete beginners or feeling a little rusty - our unique brand of guided sailing in the Ionian Islands is well within most peoples capabilities!

We recommend the Saronic and the Sporades Islands to those who have a little sailing experience already and are looking for a new area to explore with a little more wind.

Our new Saronic Islands routes for this year open it up slightly less experienced sailors as well as those looking to cover some distance. If you are looking to explore new horizons after visiting the Ionian Islands our easy 'Island Hopping' Saronic Islands flotilla offers short and simple sailing days between each beautiful location you visit. Our more 'Adventuruous' Saronic Islands flotilla is perfect if you are a keener sailor looking for slightly longer days with slightly more challenging conditions.


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