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Every year we purchase new yachts to sail on our flotillas and that does unfortunately mean that we have to say goodbye to some! 

This year we are selling our beloved Beneteau 52.3, Kalokeri. She has sailed as part of our fleet since 2010 and it is with a heavy heart that we are putting her up for sale. She is just a little too big to be part of a flotilla!

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Beneteau 52.3

Price: €170,000 (plus 24% VAT)

Built: 2007 (sailed on flotilla since 2010)

Capacity: Sleeps 8

Cabins: 3 + Skippers Cabin

Heads: 4

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Beneteau 361

Price: €36,000 (plus 24% VAT)

Built: 2002 (sailed on flotilla since 2003)

Capacity: Sleeps 8

Cabins: 3

Heads: 1

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Beneteau 331

Price: €30,000 (plus 24% VAT)

Built: 2001 (sailed on flotilla since 2002)

Capacity: Sleeps 6

Cabins: 3

Heads: 1

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