Shore to Sail

A week sailing followed by a week on shore...

Combine a one week flotilla sailing holiday with another week relaxing ashore.

These holidays will appeal to those who enjoy sailing but have family or friends who are not quite so enthusiastic - a compromise can be made!

Most people opt for a week of sailing followed by a week of winding down on shore. However it is entirely up to you to do what you want to do (and when!)

Stylish comfort for your shore based week

We are thrilled to be able to offer some of the best boutique accommodation options in the Ionian!

Choose from studios or apartments beside the sea at the Iris Hotel, near Nidri or you can really pamper yourself at the Salvator Villas and Spa Hotel in Parga, which also has a selection of two-bedroom villas with private pools.

  • Salvator Spa Hotel & Villas

    Outdoor Restaurant - Salvator Hotel

    We have no doubt at all that our flotilla sailing gang will really score a few points with the non sailors of the family by bringing them here! The combination of one ...

  • Iris Hotel & Apartments

    The Iris Hotel at Night Time

    Stay and Sail Holidays at the Iris Hotel

    Ideally nestled between Lefkas Island’s dramatic mountai...

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