Yacht Charter: Saturday Sailing Opportunities Out of Lefkas

Yacht Charter: Saturday Sailing Opportunities Out of Lefkas

Saturday departure dates in Lefkas!

It’s what we have all been waiting for and promises new sailing opportunities for all UK based sailors – Saturday flights to Preveza have arrived. In years passed, UK sailors wanting to charter independently out of Lefkas have been limited by the number of yachts on offer thanks to UK airports only flying into Preveza on a Sunday.

Such a disparity between supply and demand is hard to find elsewhere and has left many people with no option but to turn to alternative sailing areas. The rest of Europe have been enjoying Saturday starts out of Lefkas for many summers. Of course, the South Ionian has been a long-time favourite for not only UK sailors, but holidaymakers from around the globe too so we are happy to announce that this has now been rectified!

The reliably calm winds and sheltered islands have served as the ideal destination for sailors of all experience levels. From beginners looking to take their first steps in Mediterranean sailing, to salty seadogs wanting to introduce friends and family to their hobby, this sailing area has acted as the most ideal of locations for all tastes and preferences.

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What does this change to the flight arrangement mean for UK sailors?

The benefit is the increase in the amount of yachts available for charter, Saturday departure dates open up a whole range of yachts which were previously out of reach! Anything from two cabin cruisers right up to 45 foot catamarans. Lefkas Marina is a large and well-serviced port and has been home to many charter companies’ yachts since the beginning of its operation in 2002. Some of our oldest and most-trusted suppliers have been chartering out of here for a long time, serving the needs of continental sailors who, like us, love the South Ionian.

If you are London based, Easyjet and British Airways are putting on selected Saturday flights throughout July and August and they are running out quickly. 

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