Yacht Charter: Sailing in Italy - The home of Pizza & Prosecco...

Yacht Charter: Sailing in Italy - The home of Pizza & Prosecco...

Our top tips for sailing the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast and surrounding islands offer some of the most authentic italian experiences the country has to offer. From the glamour of Sorrento & Amalfi to the quaint and untouched corners of Ischia and Procida Islands. Here are our top tips of where to go (and more crucially what to eat and drink) when cruising around the incredible Amalfi Coast. From Pizza and Prosecco to Thermal Spas, this is one of our favourite areas of the world. To top it all, the sailing in the area is absolutely brilliant and we think this is one of the best ways to explore...

1. Be an early riser and sample the local espresso! We thought it was some of the best we had ever had! So give your usual skinny-mocha-frappa-silly-cinno a miss and make like a local...

espresso in italy

2. Be a shameless Tourist. The Amalfi Coast has some of the most brilliant and unique architecture we have ever seen. Nowhere else in the world can you see multi-coloured buildings and churches cascading down a hillside quite like they do in this region of Italy. One point of interest to note is the Castello Aragonese - a beautiful castle nestled on a rocky outcrop of Ischia Island. The castle offers fantastic views of the archipalego as well as a self-guided tour into it's history. There is also a beautiful cafe if, after the walk up (there is also a lift), in case you are in need of a second espresso! From the mainland ports there are also opportunities to visit the infamous site of Pompeii and of course climb Mount Vesuvius (the stratovolcano in the Gulf of Naples) which is about 9 km east of Naples and a short distance from the shore - if you are feeling adventurous!

IMG 8830 1200x475

3. Kiss goodbye to your beach bod - whenever we are in this part of the world we just can't help but eat pizza at least once a day! The natural, simplistic, stone baked flavours are absolutely unbeatable...happily these also tend to be the most affordable option on the menu (a blessing in an area where the menu is often aimed at rich and famous superyacht dwellers). For the diet conscious amongst you another of the areas culinary specialities is locally caught fish and sea food, as well as fresh rocket, tomato and mozzerella - we are going to stop there as our mouths are watering!

Pizza Naples

4. Ensure you wash said pizza down with the delicious local wine. The region has a number of it's own vineyards meaning that the local wine is not only delicious but also incomprehensibly cheap! We were astonished to find a litre of local white white or vino frizzante (the areas homegrown answer to prosecco) for as little at €6 a litre - yes you read that right. And this was in a stylish waterside bar, not a supermarket. The other incredible trait we noticed was that all this delicious wine was accompanied by an array of delicious antipasti, whether you asked for it or not. So, along with your €6 litre of wine you can expect some of the areas most delicious olives, nuts and savoury snacks - all on the house!

IMG 8980 1200x600

5. Drink equal amounts of all the home-grown produce. The other liquids we noticed the area specialised in were oil and licquer! We are all about the health at bareboat sailing holidays - can you tell? Wherever we ate there was delicious local olive oil - so we highly recommend dousing the affirmationed pizza in it! The area is also extremely well-known for it's lemons and in particular it's Limoncello - the perfect digestif.

IMG 8847 1200x672

6. Visit a Thermal Spa on Ischia Island - as the areas geography suggests, the bay of Naples is a Volcanic region. A pleasant result of this is a number of natural thermal springs. The majority of these can be found on the island of Ischia where you can sit in the sea and feel the piping hot water casading out of the rock. If this sounds a little too adventurous there is also the option to visit one of the islands many thermal parks and gardens where you can bask in numerous (manmade) pools. We recommend Castiglione Park, purely for the view but there are a number to choose from that you can check out here.

Castiglione Thermal Park 2

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