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Flotilla: Our Essential Packing Guide for May Half Term

Flotilla: Our Essential Packing Guide for May Half Term

What should I pack when sailing with kids?

Throw your packing woes out of the window and just relax with these top tips for packing for your May Half Term flotilla. Whether you are travelling with a tumult of teenagers or a chatter of children, then we have the perfect list of what to bring to keep you and your crew happy.

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Top tips for a relaxing trip

- Travelling with a family means that optimising space is vital! Make sure everyone has a soft bag that can be folded away under the beds, and deter any unnecessary over-packing!

- There is sure to be plenty of other kids on your flotilla so you will find the children tend to make their own entertainment when in harbour. Try a week without the iPad!

The must haves!

- PASSPORTS - Make sure you have everyone’s passports (including the little one's) and just do that last check before you leave the house.

Money - Take some Euros to get you through the first couple of days. Your lead crew will let you know when you arrive where you will next be able to get cash, but ATM’s are not in every port, and no-one wants to run out of beer money.

Travel Details - Take all your flight details with you so you know your flight numbers. Our reps will meet you at the airport on arrival and take it from there!

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Make it the best holiday ever!

There are some things that you'll thank us for. One is hopefully for having an amazing holiday. The other is letting you know what essentials should go in your suitcase. These are the top things on our list:

Snorkel & Mask - Snorkelling is one of our favourite lunchtime activities. If you have a fancy set at home then by all means bring them with you, but you can get your hands on a snorkel & mask in pretty much every port.

Pack of Cards - There’s nothing better than a set of cards for easy family entertainment. They’re great to get out for a quick pre-dinner game or even for all the kids to make friends at group meals.

Sea Shoes - Wet shoes are essential for the water babies of the family. If your children are swimming and climbing on rocks, then there are likely to be sea urchins, sea shoes are a great way to prevent any spiky problems. You can get these in pretty much every harbour!

Sun Cream - This may sound obvious but make sure you keep your little ones protected especially if they are in and out of the sea. Using a non-oil based sun cream is best or you will find your decks will become very slippy.

Soft Bag - A soft tote bag that can fold down is a great idea to use if you take a trip to the beach. We happen to have some lovely sailing holidays totes that should be on board your yacht when you arrive (handy hey?). 

Rash Vest - These are a great idea for younger children, it can protect them from the sun on those long lunch stops.

Books - When you want a quiet 5 minutes books and magazines can be a life saver. If you want to bring some cheap books but don’t want to take them home our lead crew are more than happy to take them to pass them on to other families. Likewise, check with your crew if they have any left behind from previous sailors. 

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Things to make your life easier...

We know travelling with kids can sometimes be a bit tiring so it's always good to be equipped with anything that can make the holiday run smoothly. 

Yacht Manual & Harbour Guide - You will have been sent a lovely pack in the post with these booklets in. There are life savers when you need to find out what you will have in the next port or where to stop for lunch. One less thing to worry about!

- Insect Repellent - The mozzies in Greece do tend to find certain people tasty so make sure you have repellent with you and slap it on before you head out for dinner. Some anti-histamines are a good idea to soothe any itching.

Travel Sickness Tablets - It is a good idea to take a little stock of travel sickness medicine just in case. If your kids are prone to it try getting them to take some in the morning, it is eisier to prevent sea sickness that try to fix it once it hits.

Extra Towels - We provide a towel per person but it is a good idea to take one extra per person. That way you can have one to use for fresh water and one for salt water.

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What don't we need?

Too much stuff! - You won’t need lots of clothes as during the day it will mostly be swimming costumes. The evening is a relaxed affair so no fancy outfits necessary. Most people come back and say they packed more than they needed.

Hairdryers & Straighteners - Tell the ladies (or men) of the family to leave these at home. You don’t have mains power on board so if you want to use them then it will have to be on shore. Trust us after the first day you won’t bother, everyone is in the same boat (quite literally)!

Electricals - We know that phones can come in handy so by all means bring them for emergencies but the boat itself provides plenty of entertainment for all the family. 

We hope these little pearls of wisdom help you on your travels, the only other thing that you really need to pack is your sense of adventure! Have a great holiday!

If you're sailing with your family this summer, or if you are thinking of sailing with us in the future, email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call on 020 8459 8787 if you have any questions. 

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