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Flotilla: Our Essential Packing Guide For Delivery Flotillas

Flotilla: Our Essential Packing Guide For Delivery Flotillas

Prepare yourself for your delivery trip.

Whether you are joining one of our delivery trips in the Ionian, or sailing one of our longer placement cruises from Corfu down to the Saronics or Sporades, it is important to pack the right things. As most of you will know space is fairly limited on board your yacht so packing for a sailing holiday can become something of an art! Well fear not as we have some handy hints and tips, on what we think should be going into your suitcase, before you set sail this weekend.


- We recommend that you and your crew bring soft cases or holdalls; these can fold down and be stored under the beds on board the boat. This makes moving around your yacht a lot easier!

- Bring money for at least the first couple of days, cash points are generally few and far between in the areas that you will be sailing in. Your Hostie will be able to advise on when you will be stopping in a stop where you can get cash but it is worth having some just to get you started.


- PASSPORT - You won't be going anywhere without it!

- Travel Details - Make sure you grab you e-tickets with all of your flight details on.

- Travel Money - Put your Euros and credit/debit cards in your hand luggage so you can keep them safe. 

European Health Card - Just in case. 

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RYA Log Book - Are you mile building? The Skipper of your flotilla can sign off any miles that you sail on our flotillas. 

Handheld GPS - There are GPS units on all of our boats but some of you keener sailor may have your own handheld device to bring. Make sure that you have all the correct charts loaded onto it. 

- Yacht Manual and Harbour Guide - Fingers crossed you will have all received your lovely harbour guides and yacht manuals from us, be sure to pack these as they will become your flotilla bible!


Waterproof Jacket - This time of the year the weather is a little less dependable so you may find there is a bit of rain around. You are all probably hoping for some great sailing some make sure that you have something windproof to keep your helmsman and crew warm and dry.

Fleece - The evenings do tend to be a bit cooler in May so we would recommend bring something a bit snuggly to wear when you’re our sampling the yummy taverna delights in the evening.

Sunglasses - The reason you came to sail in Greece...sunshine? A decent pair of sunglasses is a must; check that they have a good UV protection and if you can stretch to a polarised pair then even better.

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- On a musical note - There’s nothing quite like cruise along with the wind in your hair and the perfect playlist to match. On some of the longer days a good sing-a-long will keep your crew awake and alert even if you aren’t all karaoke stars. On board your yacht you will have an AUX Cable that can be plugged into the headphone jack on your device and then connect to the boat audio unit. Here are some of our top choices of ‘Songs for Sailing the High Seas’:

Rod Stewart - Sailing

Styx - Come Sail Away 

David Gray - Sail Away

Hues Corporation - Rock The Boat

Jimmy Buffett - Changes In Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes

Camera - On all of our delivery trips you will come across some of the most beautiful scenery Greece has to offer so your camera is a must. Weather it is your phone, digital camera or the most hi-tech model on the market you should be sure to have something to capture those unforgettable moments. These are what some of our London Office staff have down as their best holiday snap locations:

“On the Corinth Canal cruise heading under the Rion Bridge or through the Corinth Canal is the best spot for a unique delivery picture that not many others will be able to beat!” – Hannah, ex Hostie and now part of our Launch Crew

“Two Rock Bay has some of the best views in the morning; if you walk up to the small snack bar above the beach you will see the bay at its best!” Charlie, ex skipper and now member of the Sails Crew

Saronic Del Triple

Mobile Phone - On the longer legs of you trips you may find that you are out of VHF range with your lead crew, you will have their mobile number on your boat so you can use this if you are struggle on the VHF.

12 Volt Charger - This is the same as you would use for charging in your car and is good for charging your devices on board.


TEA! - As we all know there’s nothing quite like a good cuppa. I would recommend taking a supply of your favourite tea bags to keep your crew going as you may not be able to find them when you get to Greece.

TOWELS - Although we provide a towel per person it is always worth just bringing one extra so you can use one for salt water and one for fresh water.


If you are sailing on any of our delivery flotillas and have questions please don't hesitate to get in touch on 020 8459 8787 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you weren't able to join one of these trips this year then fear not our bookings are open for 2017 so just drop us a line and we can let you know what we have available but be quick because these are some of our most popular trips! 

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