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Flotilla: 6 reasons to book to go sailing in May immediately…

Flotilla: 6 reasons to book to go sailing in May immediately…

Our top 6 reasons to go sailing in May

And they aren't what you would think. Apart from empty bays, quiet harbours and the gorgeous places we talk about in the brochure, we think there are a few (even better) reasons to book to go sailing in May right now. 

1. April showers...

As we write this April is only just beginning and April showers already seem to be in full force. In Corfu however, it is sunny and 23 degrees as we speak! Aside from all the beautiful islands, I think there is a very good reason the Greeks live where they do, despite the less than fruitful economic climate. What better way to get you through April, than the thought of a sunny sail, just weeks away? If you don't believe us check out the live webcam in Kassiopi.

May Sailing Escape April Showers Triple Pic

2. Dolphin therapy

After a long winter at work (apart from those smug few who managed to sneak away skiing...you know who you are!) there is not a much better way to shake off stress than watching dolphins play around the front of the boat. But don’t take our word for it...here is a little sneak peek!

Dolphn Therapy Triple Pic

3. Catching dinner

There aren’t many better holiday boasts than “I caught my own dinner” accompanied by an obligatory snapshot (you know the kind we mean). May and October are the best times to catch fish in the Mediterranean (where fish have, due to overfishing, become rather elusive). But don’t worry, one line off the back of the boat is pretty sustainable and (we have it on authority from the experts) unlikely to cause too much of a dent in the Greek tuna population! When you do get a bite, don't forget to send us the photos of your catch, like Judi and Jon (our fabulous models below).

Catching dinner Triple Pic

4. Detox from technology

“But I am definitely taking my iPad to take photos” we hear you say. Well please do - and send them to us (when you get back that is...)! But we challenge you to not step off your boat and make a bee-line for the nearest taverna with Wi-Fi. Instead step off, take in your surroundings and enjoy the local taverna atmosphere unique to this part of the world. What better opportunity to chat to Greek locals, meet new fellow sailors and catch up with your crew mates, than over an ice cold beer? iPad or beer? We know which we’d choose. Wi-Fi be gone...

Escape technology people triple pic

5. Early May special offers

Oh yes...we don’t mind a shameless plug here at Sailing Holidays. But joking aside May is one of the most reasonable times to book a sailing holiday. Not just flotillas – our bareboat chaps have some very good deals too! Did you know you can sail for a week from just £495 per person in May? That’s including flights...not too shabby eh? Certainly a little more chic than that alluring all-inclusive to Tenerife you were tempted by. This also means more Euros in your pocket to spend on Swordfish for dinner (just in case the aforementioned dinner catching efforts don't quite pan out).

Sailing in May Special Prices Pic

6. The sailing isn’t bad either

We get so excited about the holiday aspects sometimes we forget we’re a sailing company first and foremost! At this time of the year, the weather hasn’t quite settled into its summer predictability, which means good wind is more common. This is certainly a perk for keener sailors in regions like the Ionian Islands where wind can be scarce at the best of times. Perfect for beginners, but less than ideal for the budding Ben Ainslie’s amongst you!

Sailing Triple Picture May Wind

Have we convinced you?

If so feel free to give our sails crew a call on 020 8459 8787 or email them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you're not quite convinced just yet why not check out some of our tantalising special offers?

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