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4 Ultimate Greek Pancake Recipes

4 Ultimate Greek Pancake Recipes

Perfect Pancakes - Greek Style!

As foodies and regular visitors to the sunny Greek Islands we thought you might enjoy our ultimate guide to Greek Pancakes. Together we've compiled a concise list of pancakes, using our favourite Greek ingredients, just in time for pancake day - hooray! From deliciously creamy Greek Yoghurt (for the health concious) to hopelessly decadent honey and walnuts, we reckon we've found something for everyone...

1. Traditional Tiganites with Greek Honey

Sweet or Savoury: Sweet

Diffculty Rating: Very easy

Great for: Anyone who loves dessert for breakfast

Many Greeks believe the popular breakfast dish ‘tiganites’, said to have originated in Sarmos, was the first ever pancake recipe documented in the western world. We’re not really sure if that’s true but even if it wasn’t the first it has to be one of the easiest recipes we’ve ever seen. Check out this fabulous Mediterranean recipe from My Greek Dish – we highly recommend enjoying your tiganties with a generous drizzle of Greek Honey and Walnuts. Like a slightly less naughty baklava – we’re sold! Check out the recipe here.

Honey and Walnut Pancakes 2

2. Perfect Pancake Brunch with Feta

Sweet or Savoury: Savoury

Difficulty Rating: Super easy

Perfect for: Feta fans & brunch enthusiasts

From Jamie Oliver himself no less - we love this recipe for the perfect pancake brunch. With fantastic ingredients like feta, avocado and bacon, you can’t really go too far wrong. This savoury Mediterranean masterpiece is finished off with fresh sprigs of coriander, yoghurt and lime – who could resist! “With little bombs of feta and corn in the batter, this pimped up version of my one-cup pancakes is a breakfast hit. ” Read more from Jamie himself.

Feta Pancakes Triple Pic

3. Greek Yogurt Pancakes

Sweet or Savoury: Sweet

Difficulty Rating: Extremeley easy (we're talking 4 ingredients...)

Perfect for: Anyone watching their waistline

If it’s a healthier option you are looking for this Pancake Day look no further than this incredibly light and fluffy recipe from Everyday Belle. Contrary to other recipes we’ve seen this incorporates the Greek Yoghurt into the batter, which only uses 4 ingredients – hoorah! If you want to make it a really healthy option opt for low fat, unflavoured Greek Yoghurt (like this option from Fage) and swap the flour for quinoa flour or ground oats. If you're still in doubt check out this video on how to make them...

Greek Yoghurt Pancakes Triple Pic

4. Ancient Honey and Sesame Fritters

Sweet or Savoury: Deliciously sweet and salty - yum!

Difficulty Rating: Easy

Perfect for: Anyone looking for something a little different

For something a little different from traditional pancakes (topped with lemon and sugar), why not try out this ancient recipe courtesy of The Classical Cookbook (by Andrew Dalby and Sally Grainger). This recipe combines traditional batter with honey and toasted sesame seeds - delish! This recipe is reminiscent of the crunchy Greek treat 'Pasteli' (in its simplest form sesame seeds and honey) for anyone who has tried them.

Sesame Seed Pancakes Triple PIc

Think you've got a better recipe? Share them with us on our Facebook page!

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