Sailing Holidays Helpful Hints

Our Sailing Holidays Helpful Hints

These helpful hints are here to help you have a fun and fuss free holiday! From (rather boring) reminders to check your passport (sorry!) to rather more fun tips on the (gorgeous) weather and Greek lifestyle!

To start here are some of our (boring, but nevertheless important) preparation tips. Get these sorted and before you know it you'll be sat on board, in the sunshine, G'n'T in hand!

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1. Check your passport!

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that all the passports in your party (including children whose passports are often forgotten!) will be valid for the duration of your holiday. If you are from a country which is not in the European Economic Area you must have a passport valid for at least 3 months after the period of your intended stay or expiry of your visa. And you may need a visa; to find out more contact the Greek Consulate:

2. Holiday insurance

You should have this in place as soon as your holiday is booked. If you already have annual travel insurance, please check that sailing is covered. Flotilla sailing holidays are not usually deemed a hazardous activity for insurance purposes. Click here if you would like to purchase our Specialist Sailing Travel Insurance.

3. Money, Money, Money...

PLAN AHEAD - Arrange some Euros before you go, to get you through the first few days at least. Order notes in denominations of 50 and less, as small village shops and tavernas may not be able to give change for large notes.  

TAKE CASH - Tavernas often require cash, as will many small shops.  Some do now accept credit cards, debit cards and pre-paid travel cards (but you should not rely on this). Around £35 per day should get the average adult through their holiday. 

GETTING MORE - ATMs (hole in the wall) facilities are slowly appearing in towns, but are not yet widespread. Plan for this by taking enough cash for at least the first few days of your holiday. We have never had a problem but in case you are worried there is a safe on board your boat.

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4. European Health Insurance Card

If you haven’t already got one apply now. This is free and available to all people residing in the UK. It does not replace Holiday/Travel Insurance but will be required to assist the process. The quickest way to apply is online If you already have one, please check the expiry date!

5. RYA Day skipper / ICC CERTIFICATE

You do not need a certificate to go sailing on our holidays (unless you are taking any yacht 50ft or larger). But if you do have an ICC or practical RYA certificate (Day Skipper or higher) and haven’t provided us with a copy, please email or post a copy to us with a note of your booking number or departure date.

Email us a copy: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or send it in the post to: Sailing Holidays, 105 Mount Pleasant Road, London, NW10 3EH. 

6. Top Tips for fellow flotilla sailors

If you are a seasoned flotilla sailor and think we are missing something important please do let us know. Alternatively if this is your first sailing holiday and there is something you are desperate to know please also get in touch. 

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