Sail these NEW boats in 2018...

Sail these NEW boats in 2018...

Shiny New Boats for 2018!

Over the past few years we have been adding to our collection of beautiful new Beneteau's. With at least one Beneteau 38 sailing on every flotilla we thought it was about time we got a few more Beneteau 35's and 45's. If you want to sail one of these gorgeous boats it is a good idea to book early. This will also ensure that you get the best price possible as, come 25th Septembe,r our 2018 prices will kick in. If you haven't sailed on one of these boats before then read on to find out why it should be top of your flotilla wish list for 2018...

35 and 45 New

BENETEAU OCEANIS 35Beneteau 35 2016

We originally bought some of the Beneteau 35's in 2016 and since then they have become a firm favourite. Their luxurious design is perfect for families or groups of friends, we even have couples wanting extra space booking them. With their bright, spacious interior and fabulous folding swimming platform. 

Sailing performance meets home comfort...

The Beneteau 35's use the same brilliantly modern design concept as the Beneteau 38's. The 3 double cabin interior is light and airy. For the sailors amongst you, they feature twin wheel steering and twin rudders, for a great performance! The G&T enthusiasts amongst you will love the 'proper' front opening fridge (what a luxury!) and the spacious cockpit and swimming platform area is brilliant for lazy lunches at anchor and hosting drinks on board. 

An affordable option for families and couples

These gorgeous boats are a slight step up in style from the Beneteau 331's and 361's which have proven hugely popular with families, couples and groups of friends. Being smaller than the Beneteau 38's means they will be slightly easier to handle as well as more cost effective for couples and young families ! 

Beneteau 35 NEW

BENETEAU OCEANIS 45Beneteau 45 2015

Our Beneteau 45's are the epitome of luxury! Following their success sailing in the Sporades we are going to add another to the fleet in 2018! The spacious three double ensuite cabin layout is perfect for groups of friends as well as large families.

But don't take it from our video of the Beneteau 45 in action, sailing around Skopelos Island and hear what the lead crew have to say... 

Prepare to be spoilt...

On board the new Oceanis 45 comfort reigns supreme. The modern design perfectly meets the needs of any crew through a number of clever details - prepare to be spoilt!

The chart table doubles as a living room table creating infinite amounts of living space. The folding bathing platform makes access to the sea easier than ever! A very important detail whilst sailing around the sunny Greek Islands...

The three ensuite cabin layout provides unrivalled luxury for large families and groups of friends. 

Beneteau 45 Banner


We will be adding these new boats to a few of our Ionian flotillas in 2018, take a look below to see where you could be setting sail to...

The Beneteau 35's are already sailing on many of our Ionian, Saronic and Sporades flotillas but they will be joining these flotillas in 2018:

One Week Paxos Flotilla One Week Lefkas Flotilla Two Week Whole Ionian Flotilla
Lakka SML Kastus BaySML Kioni SML

The Beneteau 45 will not only be sailing on the Sporades Flotillas and the Saronic Island Hopping route but will also be joining:

  Two Week Whole Ionian Flotilla  
  Fiscardo SML  

Any Questions?

If you want to get your hands on a new boat sailing on any of these flotillas we would recommend booking early! If you would like to find out what is available or if you would like any other information please call us on 020 8459 8787 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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