Share your #SailingHoliday snaps on Instagram

Share your #SailingHoliday snaps on Instagram

Many of you have probably heard of instagram - if you haven't we bet your teenage children and grandchildren certainly may have!

We are not usually one to jump on the band wagon (we prefer jumping off boats!) but we are sad to say we have given in and joined instagram (along with another 80 million people, who have together shared more than 4 billion images thus far according to the British Journal of Photography!).

Far from complex tech for teenagers Instagram means you can share gorgeous photos with your friends and family with just a few clicks. It is super simple and just involves really lovely photographs...what's not to love? In simple speak it is a bit like telling a story through pictures, with small captions and comments underneath.

Your holiday pictures with the #SailingHolidays have inspired us to start telling our very own story through pictures - which you can follow at @SailingHolidaysLtd. Fabulous sunrise in the Sporades? Or dolphin spotting in the Saronic Islands? Are just a few of the kind of moments we try and share.

Even looking at a picture of a sunny seascape makes us feel better when it is rainy and grey outside...better than any therapy we know of! So please do, whilst you are out in Greece include your photos and tag us @SailingHolidaysLtd and #SailingHolidays. We look forward to seeing your snaps!

Here is one of our favourites from the delivery of our new Beneteaus earlier in the year...


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