John Green's beach party in Port Leone, Kalamos Island, South Ionian
Carl Jones and friends in 2015
331 Sailing in Goat Bay

One Week Lefkas Flotilla

One Week Lefkas Flotilla
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A week of island hopping

This one week flotilla will give you a real taste for the Greek Islands. This flotilla is perfect for beginners or for more experienced sailors looking to introduce family and friends to sailing in the safety of a flotilla in the sunny Greek Islands.

Where will we visit?

This flotilla takes in all the best bits of the South Ionian. From the remote islands of Kastus and Kalamas to the bustling towns on Kefalonia and Ithaca Island, the South Ionian offers the best of both worlds and an unbeatable holiday destination.

What is the weather like?

This is an ideal first flotilla and introduction to cruising. The flotilla spends its first days in the sheltered waters behind Lefkas Island and provides soft sailing that will build everyone’s confidence. The lead crew will decide your next destination based on which way the wind is blowing and where a suitable harbour might be. There are a number of possible routes for this flotilla and lots of atmospheric villages and towns to visit.

Typical Itinerary & Highlights

Days 1 - 2, Joining the flotilla in Sivota

Your starting point for the flotilla is the small fishing village of Sivota on Lefkas Island. Once you have arrived and met your lead crew it is time to relax and soak up the sun and the atmosphere of the quayside tavernas, before the first days briefing the following morning.  

  • Vasiliki Lefkas Island
  • Sivota, Lefkas flowers Sivota

Days 2 - 3, Meandering around Meganisi

Your first day will be an appropriately short introduction to your island hopping adventure.  This is normally only eight to ten miles, around to a sheltered bay or village harbour on Meganisi Island.  

One of the highlights in this area is picturesque Spartahori village, perched on the cliffs of Meganisi Island.  Steve and Gerry’s taverna at the end of the bay, with a beach on either side, has ‘lazy lines’ for convenience. It is the perfect spot for leisurely swimming.  Make the effort to walk up the hill to unspoilt Spartahori village for the view and a cold beer at Lakis traditional taverna - it is worth the walk!

You may also spend a night moored at Port Atheni, where you can join in with the traditional Greek dancing.  They are always looking for volunteers!  From here you can enjoy a walk up to the old village of Katomeri.  ‘Little Vathi’ on Meganisi Island is also a favourite spot with several excellent tavernas and a traditional village atmosphere.  


  • Spartahori from Above Spartahori
  • George's Bar Georges
  • Quaint Taverna by the water in Little Vathi, Meganisi Little Vathi

Days 4 - 5, Exploring the Greek mainland

The waters surrounding the Greek mainland north of Meganisi provide the perfect playground for learning to sail, due to the shelter Lefkas Island provides. A swim stop in the crystal clear waters of Goat Bay is not to be missed, followed by an overnight stop in Palairos - the best sunset spot in the South Ionian.

  • Yacht Club at Palairos at Sunset Palairos
  • 331 Sailing in Goat Bay 2 Goat Bay

Days 4 - 5, Escaping to Kastus & Kalamos

Two other favourite stops are the villages of Kastus and Kalamos.  Both of these traditional Greek islands have idyllic harbours, where the locals warmly welcome visitors.  They are fascinating places to visit, having remained relatively isolated until quite recently.  The view out towards Atoko Island is spectacular. 

 Prising the flotilla back out of village harbours once they have settled in can be a difficult task for our lead crews, but there is always another beautiful place not too far away!  

  • Kastus Windmill Kastos Island
  • Beneteau 40 Sailing past Kalamos Kalamos Island

Day 6, Ithaca Island

Later in the week you may visit Ithaca Island which is the legendary home of Odysseus.  Kioni and Frikes, on the east coast of Ithaca Island are quaint villages in which you can relax and enjoy Greek island life! 

  • Kioni View Ithaka Island
  • Frikes Harbour from Above Frikes
  • Anchored off the rocks at Kioni Kioni

Days 7 - 8, Returning to Sivota

On the final day of your holiday you will return to Sivota on Lefkas Island to enjoy one final evening of Greek atmosphere, before the journey home!

  • Sivota, Lefkas flowers Sivota

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The yachts below are an example of what is available on this flotilla. Please give us a call to check live availability.

Beneteau 361

From: £495 pp

Launched in: 2003
Sleeps: 8 (great for 4)

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Beneteau 331

From: £495 pp

Launched in: 2002/03
Sleeps: 6 (great for 4)

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Beneteau 311 - Tiller Steer

From: £495 pp

Launched in: 2003
Sleeps: 6 (great for 2)

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Beneteau 323

From: £515 pp

Launched in: 2008
Sleeps: 6 (great for 4)

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Beneteau 38

From: £565 pp

Launched in: 2014 - 17
Sleeps: 8 (great for 6)

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From: £565 pp

Launched in: 2003
Sleeps: 4

Beneteau 361 Yacht Layout Enquire

Beneteau 52.3

From: £565 pp

Launched in: 2008
Sleeps: 8 (great for 6)

Beneteau 52.3 Kalokeri Yacht Layout Enquire

Luxury Share-a-Yacht

From: £695 pp

Launched in: 2008
Sleeps: 8 (great for 6)

Beneteau 52.3 Kalokeri Yacht Layout Enquire

Images from this Flotilla


  • Lefkas Island

  • Sivota

  • Spartahori

  • Georges

  • Little Vathi

  • Palairos

  • Goat Bay

  • Kastos Island

  • Kalamos Island

  • Ithaka Island

  • Frikes

  • Kioni

  • Sivota


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