Panormos Bay, Skopelos Island

  • Panormos Bay, Skopelos Island

Panormos literally means ‘Every bay’ as it is protected on all sides.  It’s a difficult bay to spot from seaward, although the entrance is parallel with the bottom of Dhasis island, and this can be used to help you in.  The village here is built upon an ancient town which originally occupied the site.  The old remains can still be seen on the beach.

Lockie in the officeLockie (Sporades Engineer 2013) says: "Panormos is a very well sheltered bay so good for free swinging. The water is ideal for swimming and snorkelling and there is a taverna easily reachable by dinghy. A tranquil spot to relax all evening."

Stay clear of the point which follows from the southern end of the beach, as there are a couple of wrecks here that can snag an anchor or keel.

There are often buoys marking a swimming area on the eastern bay.  It is possible to free swing outside this area, but be aware that the depth increases quickly the further from the beach you are.

Gusts can creep in from the north west, so its not a bad idea to drop drop your anchor ten metres or so further north than you expect to end up. Also lay plenty of chain and dig your anchor in well.  A long line ashore will keep you safe on the right side of the south bay as you go in.

A flotilla can build a raft quite a long way into the bay and in fact almost at the end.  There is a foot path around to local tavernas and Panormos Village where you will find most day to day items.  Because it is so sheltered, it is extremely popular and can be crowded in July and August.

  • A great anchorage
  • Restaurants
  • Beach
  • Great for Swimming