Skopelos Island

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The island is nicknamed ‘The Emerald of the Aegean’ due to its lush vegetation, olive groves and pine forests.  It is famous for wine and legends have been connected to this island throughout history.  It is the largest island in the archipelago, but still retains a typically laid back Greek atmosphere. 

The island remains unspoilt by over development and was recently designated an area of outstanding natural beauty.  It was also the backdrop for the great feel good movie ‘Mamma Mia’, featuring Meryl Streep and bunch of other movie stars to the backdrop of Abba’s greatest hits (slightly modified!)

The whole island was used as a set and some of the places featured are just like in the movie, particularly the powdery white sandy beaches just to the south of Nea Klima.

The little cocktail bar overlooking the church in Skopelos town is incredibly atmospheric and wandering around the backstreets is a delight.

The little church that stands on a rock on the north side of the island really gets the teenagers going!  Unfortunately, the sea area around the church is open to strong afternoon breezes, and also has a bottom littered with large rocks which make anchoring most inadvisable (if you drop your anchor there, you may never get it back up again).

It is possible to organise a mini bus in Skopelos Town for half day trip to the church.  This has the benefit of giving everybody an excellent look around the pine clad island and a bit of exercise climbing up the rock! 

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