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Despite being the main ferry port and principal harbour for the island the town still manages to retain a laid back feel.  Until 1965 it was a minor harbour, servicing the old town of Palia.  However, an earthquake made the old town uninhabitable and most of the population moved down the hill to Patitiri.  It is now home to over 2000 locals. The bay is an excellent natural harbour and the most suitable place to moor is stern-to on the north east quay.

Should you seek assured peace and quiet and a lovely Greek atmosphere, there are regular buses to the old hilltop village of Palia where there is a more traditional lifestyle than down in the town where some of the bars can go on late into the evening.

Make the time for a good wander around, as it is a gorgeous village. A visit to the relatively newly built but amazing town museum which will transport you back to the tough times that the island has experienced in the past and is an unmissable experience.  

Lockie (Sporades Engineer 2013) says: "The cliffs are all lit up at night which is stunning. There is a great golden sandy beach which is perfect for swimming in the shallow clear water. There is a dive centre here for the keen divers amongst you or for those who want to give it a go!"

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  • A great anchorage
  • Restaurants
  • Fresh water available
  • Beach
  • Great for Swimming
  • Shopping
  • Diving Centre

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