Tyros, Saronic Islands

  • View of Tiros Harbour

Tyros is a beautiful fishing village just north of Plaka and Sambateki, and overlooks Spetsai.  This small town is bustling during the summer when they shut off the main promenade and have market stalls.  It is a very loveable place with excellent shelter and friendly locals!

When mooring go stern to the quay, alongside mooring is not permitted. The holding is very good in about 4 to 5 meters of water - you can get strong gusts across the bow in the early evening but they die off as the sun goes down.

From afar Tyros is very easy to locate by the three windmills on the SE of Tyros and the town is spread out through the valley.

There are quite a few tavernas and restaurants to choose from in Tyros, but we can highly recommend Dimitris Taverna ‘TO APAGKIO’, they do fantastic food, huge portions, and the service is extremely quick - a rare find in the Greek Islands!  

There are also a few bars along the water front if you want to continue the night after the taverna.  

It is also possible to get most provisions along the main waterfront road of Tiros, including a pharmacy, ATM, bakery and several supermarkets.

  • Shop
  • A great anchorage
  • Shower Facilities
  • Restaurants
  • ATM
  • Pharmacy
  • Bakery