Palaia Epidavros

  • Epidavros Amphithatre and Bay
  • Sunset at Epidavros
  • Epidavros Amphithatre and Bay
  • Sunset at Epidavros

Sailing Holidays from Epidavros

The Old village of Epidavros is our main base in the Saronic Islands - a picturesque village set in a beautiful tranquil bay. Our Saronic Island flotillas start either here or in Navplion.  It can be hard to spot from afar, but once you are in closer it becomes clear.  The most identifiable features on entering the bay are the beacons that mark the harbour channel.  The village is straight ahead.  There are two beaches on the north and south side of the bay along with a pretty chapel on the north side.

The village of Epidhavros has all amenities: several good mini markets that sell ice, a pharmacy, post office, several bakeries, ATMs and a couple of small gift shops. 

Epidhavros has lots to offer when you get in to port.  There are some lovely walks around the south headland of the bay, two great beaches in the bay that have superb snorkeling, a dive centre that can organise snorkeling and dives in the locality. 

There is also the Impressive ‘Sunken City’, which is a 15 minute walk from the port in the next bay over the south headland, which you can snorkel over.  But be careful of sea urchins! 

Palio EpidavrosA must see is the spectacular Ancient Theatre that is easily reached by taxi from the main square.  It is possible to arrange a taxi to take you up to the theatre (20 minutes), and wait an hour for you to have a look around that site for approximately €40.

  • Shop
  • A great anchorage
  • Restaurants
  • Fresh water available
  • Beach