• The view of Navplion from the Palamidi Fortress
  • Navplion
  • The view of Navplion from the Palamidi Fortress
  • Navplion

Navplion, our second Saronic turnaround base, will appeal to the history buffs among you.  Its history goes back fifteen thousand years or so and many Greek myths and stories emanate from this town and the surrounding area.  Navplion is a working port, but the old town has an enchanting atmosphere in the evenings with all sorts of shops and tavernas and even a museum. It is a very pleasant place to start and finish the flotillas.

The town has pretty side streets, with a mix of Venetian, Turkish and Neo Classical architecture from the early 19th century. Navplion is a fascinating town of significant importance and was shortly the Capital of Greece after the War of Independence.

The breathtaking Palamidi Fortress is set spectacularly high on a 216m rock outcrop.  It was built by the Venetians in the early 1700’s, but despite its defensive position and thick walls it fell after only 8 days of siege by the Turks.  Locals claim that it has 999 steps up to the top!

The streets of Navplion are beautiful and the town’s Venetian influence can clearly be seen in the range of restaurants and shops.  There are an amazing range of restaurants and tavernas in Navplion, with a good mixture of Greek and Italian influenced food. 

A place that we enjoy is the ‘Antica Gelateria Di Roma’ an Italian ice cream parlour just off the main square, that does nearly every ice cream imaginable and is delicious! The town is full of shops selling almost everything you might want, with an extensive supermarket within 200m from the quay.


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