Monemvasia, Saronic Islands

  • The view from the top of town in Monemvasia
  • The view of Monemvasia from the water
  • Ruins at Monemvasia
  • The view from the top of town in Monemvasia
  • The view of Monemvasia from the water
  • Ruins at Monemvasia

Sailing to the stunning port of Monemvasia

Monemvasia is a unique spot that is well worth the visit if the weather permits. This has to be one of our favourite spots in the whole of the Greek Islands...where else can you swim with turtles in the crystal clear waters of the harbour by day and be wine tasting in an ancient byzantine city by night? Take us back!

The spectacular town is set behind gates on a sheer rock rising from the sea, subsequently nicknamed the Gibraltar of the East. So on approach you cannot miss it!

It is a medieval fortress on a peninsula linked to the new town of Yerifa by a causeway- its name literally meaning 'single entrance'- Moni Emvasis.

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Taste delicious local wine & explore the backstreets

The town still exhibits many original ruins and Byzantine churches. It is a historical gem, as it has been isolated from any rebuilding since the early 19th century, and now has a historical preservation order to try and maintain this. Cars can not pass through the gates into the old town, and subsequently it has a very peaceful feel to the place.

Mooring at Yerifa

All mooring is at Yerifa the town linked to Monemvasia by the causeway, on either the north or south quay. You can also free swing or build a raft on the north or south side of the bridge, all weather dependent. The town of Yerifa is good place to load up on supplies and has all the amenities you might need, the supermarket will even deliver to your boat! Water can be arranged by tanker.

Getting to Monemvasia Town

From Yerifa it is about a 15 minute walk to Monemvasia Town, or you can get a local bus that runs about every 10 minutes. Exploring Monemvasia Town is an absolute must; with its beautiful buildings, side streets and some fantastic restaurants. Don't forget your camera!

There are also several nice swim stops on the way to Monemvasia from rocky points. 

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