Koiladhia Town, Saronic Islands

  • Kyparissi Town Saronic Islands
  • Cave at Koiladhia
  • Kyparissi Town Saronic Islands
  • Cave at Koiladhia

Koiladhia is a small fishing town tucked in a bay around Red Cape.  It is a very traditional working village, with an abundance of fresh fish.  But what does make this place appealing is the vast array of wildlife and the almost guaranteed sight of turtles!

Another distinguishing feature of Koiladhia is Francithi Cave that is set in the cliff side just opposite the quay.  Many prehistoric remains were found in this cave, including the skeleton of a stone-age man from the ‘Mesolithic’ period - the oldest human remains to be found in Greece.  At night the cave is beautifully lit up, and it is also accessible by dinghy.

On approach to Koiladhia it is easy to spot, easily identifiable by the wind farm on the hill north of the entrance, along with the small private island at the entrance of the bay and the chapel on the headland.

There is good all round shelter in Koiladhia, and the bottom of the bay is sticky mud which provides excellent holding.  It is possible to anchor out in the bay or moor onto the quay. 

It is possible to go stern or bows-to on the pier on the east facing main quay front, but it is largely occupied by fishing boats.  It is easier to go stern-to on the north facing quay at the entrance of the bay.

The town has most amenities, including: mini markets, a basic pharmacy, bakery, green grocers, post office but no bank or ATM.

  • Shop
  • A great anchorage
  • Restaurants
  • Great for Swimming
  • Shopping
  • Pharmacy
  • Bakery