Hydra, Saronic Islands, Sailing in Greece

  • The view of Hydra from above
  • Donkey in Hydra, Saronic Islands
  • The view of Hydra from above
  • Donkey in Hydra, Saronic Islands

Hydra is a beautiful picturesque harbour that has changed very little since the mid 19th century.  There is no motorised transport on the island - donkeys are the only form of transport! 

It has many boutique shops and beautiful mansion houses, which subsequently attract throngs of tourists and celebrities.  It can be very busy in peak season and is usually best visited at the start and end of the season.

Hydra is a very popular stop, thus boats are likely to be rafted out, even when you get in early and anchor tangles will sometimes be likely!  

There is plenty to do once you are in Hydra.  There are some fantastic walks exploring the rest of the island, but do wear shoes with decent grip as the tread from the donkeys has made many of the cobbled streets a little slippery.  Boutique and jewellery shops are abundant in Hydra, so take your credit card! 

There is also great swimming at Mandraki Bay, 2km east of Hydra Town. This can be reached by water taxi or by walking and has a floating trampoline in the bay. There is also a good swimming and snorkeling spot by the Sunset Bar west of the town.

Most amenities are available in Hydra including several bakeries, green grocers, mini markets, pharmacies, bank, and post office.   These are largely along the main quay front and the side streets that run south from the quay.

Water is available on the quay at Hydra, look out for the waterman usually in a small rowing boat with a big white beard - you can’t miss him!  This water is not the cheapest so it is best to fill up with water before going to Hydra.

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