Gaios, Paxos Island

  • Gaios, Paxos Island
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  • Gaios, Paxos Island
  • Gaios, Paxos Island 2
  • Gaios, Paxos Island 3

52a63e0f35cac-George 673x1200This is one place where it is advantageous to be on a small yacht as it is often possible to squeeze in where larger yachts cannot. The Southern Quay is closest to the centre of town but can get busy during peak summer months.

Fresh water (water prices may vary in mid summer) can be obtained from Yanni who has a little tank on a lorry. He’s not the world’s most reliable character, so grab him when you have a chance.

When approaching Gaios from the south you’ll be able to see the town and the entrance quite easily but it is shallow (i.e. just over 2 metres).

There are quite a few tavernas and restaurants in the town. ‘Pan and Theo’s’ restaurant on the waterfront at the south end of the harbour offeres excellent traditional Greek food.  Showers are available upstairs and also next door at the fitness centre. The town square has several coffee shops with large areas of shaded seating. A very pleasant place to linger. 

There is an ATM and many shops, so spend some time exploring this town which is full of character.

  • Shop
  • Shower Facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Fresh water available
  • Shopping
  • Great Sunsets
  • ATM
  • Pharmacy
  • Bakery