Spartahori, Meganisi Island

  • Spartahori from Above

Spartahori is a picturesque village at the top of the cliff above Port Spiglia. The village is easily seen from a distance with its traditional whitewashed houses and red roofs.

The waterfront has changed in the past 30 years although the village still retains its timeless character. They used to build villages on the tops of hills for defensive purposes, but now, with so much waterborne traffic, several tavernas have popped up around the bay. In the past everybody used to walk up to the town because that was the only place to get something to eat, that has now changed.

It is worth the effort to go up and look around the village and remember to take your camera as the view from the top is incredible.

A couple of the tavernas have their own quays or floating pontoons beside the harbour and there are another two quays in the southern and southeastern parts of the bay, each with their own tavernas.

DSC 3118 2 1200x795Your lead crew will advise you of their opinion at the briefing as the harbour lends itself well to group meals. Water and showers are available at a couple of tavernas for a few Euros. There is no diesel or other services at the port and only basic things up in the village.

  • Shop
  • Lazy Line Moorings
  • A great anchorage
  • Shower Facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Beach
  • Great for Swimming