Lefkas Town

  • Lefkas Town Bridge by Alex Allan
  • Lefkas Canal
  • Lefkas Town Bridge by Alex Allan
  • Lefkas Canal

The town is another classic local Greek town which will be appreciated by those of you who enjoy becoming part of the scenery and mixing with the locals. Have a cappuccino in the square in the evening and drink in the atmosphere.

There are many tavernas in the town ranging from good to ‘traditional’. We always seem to gravitate to Steve and Georgia at the ‘Lighthouse’ taverna in the middle of town as they retain the classic Greek taverna food and atmosphere. The speed with which Steve rattles off his menu, makes the need for a printed one irrelevant.  If you walk along the main street, the 'Lighthouse' sign is at knee level beside a small alley on the north side of the road half way along.

Andreas’ bar, right on the town quay has excellent showers and cold beer in abundance.  He will also advise you on how to find the water man if you are moored on the town quay.

The traditional mooring spot has been on the town quay, which is very convenient for the town, but in the heat of summer does get noisy. There are water points all around the quay.  A supermarket is within a hundred metres of the quay and the town is full of small shops selling almost everything you might want.

Alternatively, now that the new marina is complete, everyone has an easier mooring option on floating pontoons, this will suit many people, although there is an added cost of about €1 to €1.5 per foot. The marina is favoured by our flotilla crews because the facilities and surrounding area include showers, toilets, a supermarket, a cafe/bar, a launderette, water and a swimming pool and pretty much everything.


  • Shop
  • Lazy Line Moorings
  • Shower Facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Fresh water available
  • Shopping
  • Great Sunsets
  • ATM
  • Pharmacy
  • Bakery