Kastos Island

  • Kastus Windmill
  • Dinner in Kastus
  • Kastus Bay with flowers
  • Lead Boat Kamara in Kastus
  • Kastus Windmill
  • Dinner in Kastus
  • Kastus Bay with flowers
  • Lead Boat Kamara in Kastus

This is small island with a very small population, most of whom moved to New Zealand after the Second World War.  As a result the island has retained a very traditional atmosphere.

Sailing to Kastus

The Port of Kastus is about half way up the east side of the Island. A windmill tower (that has been converted into a charming cafe and bar) is conspicuous on approach.  

Kastus island has lots of beaches and bays along its eastern side, perfect for anchoring and swimming.  They tend to be overlooked and are therefore empty... even better.

Our hostie's tips...

There are now three tavernas on the island, each with its own unique character and all within walking distance of the harbour.  Make time to take a wander around and decide for yourself which one you like the look of.   We have tried all of them and they are all great classically Greek tavernas.

The windmill taverna and adjacent bar offer unbeatble panoramic views out across to the mainland. There has also been known to be some greek dancing later into the evening.

The Belos taverna, right in the harbour itself has water and showers available, and we had the best red snapper we have had in years there.

There is one small shop in the village which is well stocked and run by Gerry and his wife, who spend the Northern winter in Wellington, New Zealand and the Southern winter here in Kastus (some people get all the luck!)  Gerry takes his speedboat over to Mitikas early in the morning and brings fresh bread and fruit for the flotillas.

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  • Shop
  • A great anchorage
  • Shower Facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Great for Swimming
  • Great Sunsets

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